Music Revolution under its way….

by prakashwagle

On on April 28, 2003, Apple launched its i Tune Store in US market and it changed the music industries fate,which was dying down due to piracy.

In India today most of the revenues for Indian music industry comes from movies itself rather from the sales of its CD & other form of records.  The main reason for this is same as it is all over the world, pirated sites like are most popular one in urban India for downloading pirated  music while most  of the other people get it either through pirated MP3 CD’s or through music transfer on  their mobile phones.

While streaming services from various sites like Gaana & Saavn are slowly becoming popular with urban Indians who use  Internet on daily biases, there has come  a new entry from India’s latest on-line mega store Flipkart.

Flipkart on 27/02/2012 launched its music store which seems to provide similar services like iTunes store, Flipkart had in late 2011 acquired, a media distribution platform and now has launched its own software called Flyte to ease the music download from site. Flipkart’s digital music store, provides DRM (Digital Rights Management) free MP3 files at prices from Rs 6 to Rs 15 a song and Rs 25 to Rs 250  for an album.While most of this songs are also available in 300 kbps bit rates, but they have been deprived of ID3 tags which is a bummer as it becomes hard to organize music libraries without it.

Now time will only tell success of Flipkart’s music store in India as it is not only going face competition from illegal piracy sites but also from Legal free music streaming sites, in this case Flipkart has to add some value to their products in order to attract consumers in Indian market where today a lot of  people still prefer free music over paid one.

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