Personal Profile:

Name : Prakash Manjunath  Wagle

Sex : Male

Nationality : Indian

Mobile No. : +919921243341

Date of Birth : 02-09-1989

Academic Qualifications:

Specialization: Information Technology Engineering at G.S. Moze College of  Engineering , Pune

Exam Board/University Marks – Percentage Month and Year of passing

B.E(I.T) Pune University : 61% March,2011

H.S.C Maharashtra 450/600 75% March, 2007

S.S.C Maharashtra 520/750 69.33% March, 2005

Technical Skills:

Languages: C, C++, Java,Flex,GWT

Operating Systems: Windows XP,7,8, Ubuntu

Web Technologies: HTML,XML,SERVLET,JSP

Enterprise Platforms: J2EE

Middleware Services: JDBC

Concepts: Operating System Basics, Computer Networks, Software

Engineering (SDLC)

Project Details:

Title: Location Based Spatial Query Processing in Wireless Broadcasting Environment


Our project is a GIS simulation  for the Pune  region which can act as emergency response system by providing the necessary information required by the user using wireless broadcasting . User would be able to query information about Police Stations, Hospitals, Fire Brigade Stations and other such important places according to the requirements.

Environment: Java Net Beans

Achievements: Certificates in Martial Arts, Worked as  co-ordinator in college events.

I here by declare that information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.

DATE : 21 APRIL 2012



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