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Music Revolution under its way….

On on April 28, 2003, Apple launched its i Tune Store in US market and it changed the music industries fate,which was dying down due to piracy.

In India today most of the revenues for Indian music industry comes from movies itself rather from the sales of its CD & other form of records.  The main reason for this is same as it is all over the world, pirated sites like are most popular one in urban India for downloading pirated  music while most  of the other people get it either through pirated MP3 CD’s or through music transfer on  their mobile phones.

While streaming services from various sites like Gaana & Saavn are slowly becoming popular with urban Indians who use  Internet on daily biases, there has come  a new entry from India’s latest on-line mega store Flipkart.

Flipkart on 27/02/2012 launched its music store which seems to provide similar services like iTunes store, Flipkart had in late 2011 acquired, a media distribution platform and now has launched its own software called Flyte to ease the music download from site. Flipkart’s digital music store, provides DRM (Digital Rights Management) free MP3 files at prices from Rs 6 to Rs 15 a song and Rs 25 to Rs 250  for an album.While most of this songs are also available in 300 kbps bit rates, but they have been deprived of ID3 tags which is a bummer as it becomes hard to organize music libraries without it.

Now time will only tell success of Flipkart’s music store in India as it is not only going face competition from illegal piracy sites but also from Legal free music streaming sites, in this case Flipkart has to add some value to their products in order to attract consumers in Indian market where today a lot of  people still prefer free music over paid one.

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TEDxMidAtlantic 2011 – Avi Rubin – All Your Devices Can Be Hacked

Could someone hack your pacemaker? At TEDx MidAtlantic, Avi Rubin explains how hackers are compromising cars, smart phones and medical devices, and warns us about the dangers of an increasingly hack-able world.
This is a Interesting video by TED of Avi Rubin,Professor of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University and Technical Director of the JHU Information Security Institute

Is Google In Danger of Being Shut Out of the Changing Internet?

This is an article from Time by KEITH WOOLCOCK  giving us an idea about  current ongoing war for the web. It has  mentioned how people  are moving towards private web which are  created by various companies like Apple,Amazon & Facebook  and how all this is affecting the web giant Google  who’s business model is totally depends on free web.

What we should really think from this is that whether this privatization of  web is good, as it is going to give power to this companies to  control all its content and would Google be able to recover from this change of phase or its fate is going to be same as like Microsoft & IBM.

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How US lost out on iPhone work

This is a very interesting article about current situation of US Economy explained with the example of Apple’s leading product I-phone by David Barboza, Peter Lattman and Catherine Rampell of  The New York Times News Service.

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Why this Kolavari Di ??????????????

Why this Kolavari Di ??????????????

YouTube – Apple – iPhone 4 – TV Ad – App Store

YouTube – Apple – iPhone 4 – TV Ad – App Store.


Pune (Marathi: पुणे, pronounced [puɳeː]), formerly called Poona, also known as Punya-Nagari, is the eighth largest metropolis

in India, the second largest in the state of Maharashtraafter Mumbai, and the largest city in the Western Ghats. Once the center of power of the Maratha Empire, it is situated 560 metres above sea level on the Deccan plateau at the confluence of the Mula (Marathi: मुळा) and Mutha rivers (Marathi: मुठा).[4] Pune is the administrative capital of Pune district.

Pune is known to have existed as a town since 937 AD.[5] Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the founder of the Maratha Empire, lived in Pune as a young boy, and later oversaw significant growth and development of the town during his reign. In 1730, Pune became an important political center as the seat of the Peshwa, the prime minister of the Chhatrapati of Satara. After the town was annexed to British India in 1817, it served as a cantonment town and as the “monsoon capital” of the Bombay Presidency until the independence of India.[6]

Today, Pune is known for its educational facilities and relative prosperity. Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra, and the notional seat of theMarathi language.[7] Pune has well-established manufacturing, glass, sugar, and forging industries since the 1950-60s. It has a growing industrial hinterland, with many information technology and automotive companies setting up factories in Pune district. The city is known for various cultural activities like classical music, spirituality, theater, sports, and literature. These activities and job opportunities attract migrants and students from all over India and abroad, which makes for a city of many communities and cultures.


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Hello everyone I am back.
today I am here with great news especially for our college students.
Our collge Genba Sopan Rao Moze College of Engineering, Balewadi Pune is arranging an inter college event called
AURA 2K11. It will be held between 11-12 March 2011.
This event will consist of following activities :-
1)ROBO Contendo
2) Paper Presentation
3) Quizzometer
4) Poster Painting
5) Accelero Bot
7)CAD Competition
8)Need For Speed (most wanted)
9)Counter Strike 1.6
10)C your Brain
11) Blind Coding
14) Infotainment
15) Shutter Bug
16) Hunt-Mania
17) Talk-A-Tete
18) Ad-Zap
19) sms

this are some awesome events to participate guys, their are many having prizes to be won. So please participate and bring your friends from other college to participate in our college event.
For further information please visit our website –



Hello Friends,

Yesterday I attended an seminar from Microsoft & PUG(Pune User Group) conducted to create awareness among students about carrier in IT & about Microsoft. It was very interesting & informative, specially the keynote by Daniel McPherson was very inspiring. We came to know a lot about Microsoft & the latest technology that they are developing,along with various facilities that they are providing to students. Seminar Topics like Cloud computing, Windows Phone 7 were really informative and the Demostration of Xbox 360 Kinect was just awesome. At the end we were give an Dream spark account through which we can download various software like Windows Server 2008 R2,Visual studio 2010,Virtual PC and many more. I am just looking forward for more such events from Microsoft Student Partners & PUG,at last I would like to thank my friend Sonali Tharwani without her information I would have never attended this event. that is all for today please visit the given link below for more information on Microsoft Dream Yatra goodbye 🙂


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